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The Revolutionary Rollerball II offers a more open alternative to traditional hood-based processors. Its 360░ rotation promotes even processing of all-over color and perms. Swing Mode allows for rotation from 40 degrees to 180 degrees so processing is concentrated where it's needed most. Its effective coverage of the nape of the neck is great for relaxers. The Light Pointer for positioning allows the operator to pinpoint the center of the processing radius for greater accuracy. A stainless steel reflector provides more efficient reflection of rays while penetrating deeper into roots for more thorough processing. A detachable power cord is easily replaced in case of damage to the cord, no need for costly repairs. Another innovation of the Rollerball II is the base design that makes positioning the processor around the client's chair simple and efficient.
Our second gereration Rollerball-II allows the operator to customize all modes so you can always achieve your desired effects in accordance with the techniques and characteristics of the products you are using. Rollerball-II, simply the most advanced processor on the planet!
Head is Black Translucent with a chrome stand on a charcoal base plate. The head is also available in yellow.
Types Available:
SD-S22S1DSB Smoked Black Head.
SD-S22S1NYB Yellow Head.
Rollerball-II is not available as a wall mount at this time.
Product Specs:
115V/120V; 870W ▒ 10%;
Weight, Head Only 8.5 kg
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