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Takara Belmont Canada

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1921 Founding president Hidenobu Yoshikawa establishes Takara Chuzo Ltd.
1932 Production of barber chairs begins.
1953 Construction Division begins operation.
1956 Takara Company N.Y., Inc. (now Takara Belmont USA, Inc.) was established in New York ,U.S.A. as our first overseas venture.
1959 Entrance into Europe with Belmont Chairs London Ltd. (now Takara Belmont (U.K.) Ltd.)
1966 Takara Company, Canada, Ltd. was established in Toronto.
1967 Sales begin of Dental / Medical devices.
Takara Compagnie Paris S.A.R.L. established in Paris.
1969 Takara Company Europe GmbH was established in Frankfurt.
Purchase of Koken Inc. (St. Louis ; now Koken Manufacturing Co.,Inc (U.S.A.))
1972 Takara Belmont Para America Do Sul established in Brazil.
1973 Esthetic beauty treatment using machines introduced to Japan for the first time.
1975 Singapore branch was established as liaison office for Southeast Asia.
1988 Presence Paris S.P.A. was established under joint management with Italy's Maletti Corp.
1996 TS Belmont (Taiwan) Co.,Ltd. was established as joint venture with Ting Sing Trading Co., Ltd.
1997 Takara International Nail College opened. Takara went into nail business.
1998 Daewoong Belmont Co., Ltd was established in Soul as joint venture with Daewoong Medical Inc.
2000 Takara Belmont (Korea) Corp. was established (joint venture) in Seoul.
2002 Takara Belmont (Taiwan) Corp. was established in Taiwan.
Takara Comp. Canada, Ltd.
2076 South Sheridan Way
Mississauga ON  L5J 2M4
Toronto Area:
tel: 905-822-2755
fax: 905-822-6203
Showroom Hours:
Mon-Fri 9:00am - 5:00pm
Closed Weekends